Welcome Aboard!

Hogeye Navvy welcomes all of you to our music. Originally based in central Indiana, the band members now live in Massachusetts, Delaware, North Carolina, Florida, California, and 6 towns in Indiana. Quite obviously, we are not performing together much, just the occasional reunion concert. However, in these days of Covid 19, even that hasn't happened in person. 

If you are new to Hogeye Navvy, we are a chantey-singing band for going on 35 years now. Also in our repertoire are songs of Ireland, the UK, and North America, in traditional styles, as well as instrumental music. 

Visit our Store Page to find our music.

In keeping with our EVE tradition, we will offer another concert on St. Patrick's Day EVE, March 16, 2021.

 Visit our Calendar Page for more concert information.

In the meantime, we mean it when we say "Welcome aboard!"



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