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Based On A True Story
track list:  Trust Not The Shantyman/Hogeye Man; The Holy Ground; John Henry; Bowery Girls/Murphy's Polka; Harbo & Samuelsen; Rothsay-O; Work Of The Weavers; Away, Rio!; John Kanaka; Nova Scotia Farewell; Colcannon; The Diamond; Paddy, Lay Back

Just For You track list:  King's March; Liverpool Judies; O'Donnell Abu; Biddy Mulligan; Comforts of Night/Caitlin's Kitchen; Star Of The County Down; The Black Cavalry; The Tempest/Run, Come See, Jerusalem; Ships Are Sailing/Lucky Star Of Munster; Red Haried Mary; Jack Haggarty; Lady Franklin's Lament; Boston Harbor; The Old Dun Cow; Atholl Highlanders 

Poor Old Horse track list:  High Road To Gairloch/Rowan Tree/Wha' Saw The 42nd/Bonnie Lass Of Fyvie/The Drops Of Brandy; Poor Old Horse; The Great Lakes Song; Linin' Track; Fox On The Town/The Maid Behind The Bar; Old Moke; Sam Hall; The Parish of Dunkeld/Kesh Jig; The Smuggler; At Sea/Rant and Roar; The Rattlin' Bog; Being A Pirate; I Bid You Goodnight

PLEASE NOTE: Based On A True Story, Just For You, and Poor Old Horse are currently out of print.  Hope to have them available again soon!

Pirate! One track list:  Paddy West; Me Johnny Lad/I'll Tell Me Ma; Paddy, Lay Back; The Outlaw & the Schoolmarm; Whiskey Is the Life of Man; Bonnie Hieland Laddie; Rattlesnake Song; The Diamond; Snap the Line Tight; All For Me Grog

Pirate! Two track list:  Hogeye Man (from BOATS); Random Canoe/Fisher's Hornpipe/Sallie Gardens; South Australia; Shepherd's Waltz; Toss the Feathers/Star of Munster; The Hills of Connemara; Petronella/Julianne Johnson; Black Velvet Band; Star of Munster (Rockin' Horse Studio Mix); Hogeye Man (Gael Farce Mix)

Pirate! Three track list:  Far From Home/The Petticoat I Bought in Mullingar; The Gallant Forty Twa; Soldier's Joy; The Old Grey Cat; The Opinions of Paddy McGee; Shady Grove; Drowsy Maggie/Lucky Star of Munster/Jenny Rock the Cradle; Bully In the Alley; Whiskey Before Breakfast/St. Anne's Reel

Pirate! Four track list: The Irish Volunteer; Three Score and Ten; Whiskey In the Jar; Roll the Old Chariot Along; The Wreck of the Nancy Lee; Whup Jamboree; Galway Races; Blow Ye Winds; Johnny Morrissey; Molly Malone; The Night Pat Murphy Died

A Song Will Lift track list:  Old Grey Squirrel; Greenland Whale Fisheries; Jolly Rovin’ Tar; Fisher’s Hornpipe/The Sally Gardens/Brennan On The Moor; Bold Thady Quill; The Mason’s Apron/The Silver Spear; Waltzing Matilda; Harbo and Samuelsen; Lady Ann Montgomery; The Er-I-E/Boatman; Rowdy Soul; When The Ship Comes In/Scotland the Brave

Home Port track list:  Tow Rope Girls; Boston Harbor; Bulgine Run; The Mountains of Mourne; The Foggy Dew; Old Maui; Wisconsin Cranberry Bogs; Hard To Say Goodbye; The Campanero; Alabama John Cherokee; The Juice of the Barley; Mingulay Boat Song

Shipping and handling is included in the CD price